Doll Chateau Kid Isabel

Due to be discontinued on the 21st March 2019
This purchase can also be included in the DC Christmas event which allows 15% discount to be refunded once the purchase is made.
Once the doll is discontinued so are all of their heads, accessories, outfits, wigs, helmets and any masks. The bodies will still be available to purchase.

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Doll Chateau Isabel with double jointed K-body-11 body without wings.

Doll is pictured in White skin. 

Basic Doll,
(nude doll blank or with face-up), includes the following:

-Wings (Blank)  if selected body with wings!

FullSet Doll includes the following:  

-Wings (Blank) if selected body with wings!

-Eyes (Random)
-Birth Card

Isabel can come with the non-winged body K-body 11 and the winged body k-body 11-1 and this can be selected above

Doll Measurements

-Height: 50.5cm
-Head: 16.8cm
-Eyes: 14mm
-Neck: 5.5cm
-Shoulder Width: 6.5cm
-Arm Length: 16.5cm
-Chest: 13cm
-Waist: 9cm
-Leg Length: 21.8cm
-Hips: 28.5cm
-Foot Length: 5cm

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