Angelesque is an established UK dealer of ball-jointed dolls and accessories who can make ordering your BJD, clothing and accessories easier and cheaper than 'going it alone'. We are dealers for 18 companies and growing.

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Next ordering dates

Doll Zone 31st May 2016
Doll Chateau 31st May 2016
Impldoll, Island and Resin Soul - 27th May 2016
Nine9 and FMD - 28th May 2016
SoulDoll 31st May 2016
Luts 29th May 2016
This includes all current events .......

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Ordering dates

Orders for
Dragon Dolls
Doll Leaves, Hujoo, Blue Fairy
usually monthly too,

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Latest reviews

★★★★★ Beautyful body!

I got the winged body and I love her! She has the cutest curves and details, and the Candice head is going to be perfect for my sugarskull plans. The ... Read more

★★★★★ Such a cutie!

Love my little Hal I got from you. She is so small and cute and the posability really blew me away. Didn't expect such a tiny girl to be double ... Read more

★★★★★ She's perfect.

She is so cute! Totally woth the wait. I was a little concerned about her but now that she is in my hands I love her. Her arrival was unexpected, ... Read more