Angelesque is an established UK dealer of ball-jointed dolls and accessories who can make ordering your BJD, clothing and accessories easier and cheaper than 'going it alone'. We are dealers for 18 companies and growing.

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Next ordering dates

Doll Zone 30th June 2016
Doll Chateau 30th June 2016
Impldoll, Island and Resin Soul - 1st July 2016
Nine9 and FMD - 1st July 2016
SoulDoll 30th June 2016
Luts 18th July 2016
This includes all current events .......

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Ordering dates

Orders for
Dragon Dolls
Doll Leaves, Hujoo, Blue Fairy
usually monthly too,

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Latest reviews

★★★★★ A fantastic doll for the money

I bought this girl a few months ago. The joint system on her, although not the prettiest, is actually very effective. She has double joints in her knees and elbows ... Read more

★★★★★ Overall a lovely poser and very pretty doll

Can't tell you how much better this doll looks in person. The company photos don't do her justice. She is double jointed in her elbows and knees. She can kneel ... Read more

★★★★★ Absolutely gorgeous

I got this in Normal Skin. The body is wonderful, a bit tightly strung, but it's as gorgeous as it is in the picture. If not more. I've been playing ... Read more