Dream Valley MSD Cayes
Cayes Dragon Version is time-limited. The Dragon Version will be discontinued after September 30, 2019. Human Version is not limited

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This is Dream Valley MSD Cayes

Comes with default body B4-04 (human) this can be changed by selecting the suitable option above

Basic price:

Full-set Human includes:
Nude doll (human head+B4-04 body)
Painting for Shoulder armor
Eyes(14mm random).

Full-set Dragon includes:
Nude doll (dragon head+B4-07 body)
Painting for Shoulder armor
Dragon makeup
Eyes(14mm random)

Dragon makeup includes: Dragon Horn blushing and scales makeup, facial scales makeup, wings blushing and scales makeup, scales makeup on arms, dragon tail blushing and scales makeup,  dragon claws blushing
Full-set does not include body blushing. Body blushing can be purchased separately
Full-set does not include dragon scales sword. Dragon scales sword and it's painting can be purchased separately

Measurements :-

Height (include head) 52cm
Height (without head) 48cm
Head circumference 19cm
Neck circumference 7cm
Shoulder length 9cm
Arm length 15cm
Bust size 18.5cm
Waistline 13.9cm
Hipline 18.4cm
Leg length 27.6cm
Thigh circumference 11.4cm
Calf circumference  8.5cm
Dragon feet length 7.5cm
Dragon tail length 42cm
Wing's longest 35cm

Eye size 14mm

Resin and skin colour option:

The doll in promotion picture is in pink translucent resin.
We provide ordinary resin and translucent resin. Translucent resin is more solid, smooth and beautiful. If you need translucent resin please select above for an extra cost.

Skin colour : white, pink, normal and tan are available. Tan is translucent resin by default.


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