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  • New Dealership starting with Crobidoll

    Fabulous new collaboration between Angelesque and Crobidoll starts this week, the first order will be made on the 29th November 2019, we will be adding the whole range they offer in the coming days, any questions please use the contact us section on the bottom of every page

  • Dream Valley stop their Chairs!!

    Angle Chair and Black Forest will be discontinued after September 30, 2019. They are available to attend the event before closed. Any details you need use the contact us' page

  • DollZone Summer Event 2019 starts!

    The fantastic event that Doll Zone is offering from 2019.06.13 to 2019.07.10
    If you purchase a doll that was released by them before 2019 started you will get 12% of the cost of the doll back! Fantastic!
    This does not include the following dolls -
    Venus Halo
    Mist Strayer
    Mini Jing

  • Luts are stopping Honey Delf body choice Dec 2018

    Dear all customers,

    We announce that Honey Delf TYPE 1, 2 body is discontinued, which was released as the original body of Honey Delf first time. We would focus on keeping quality of Honey Delf TYPE 3, 5 body, which is improved one, instead.

    We truly appreciate your long love about Honey Delf TYPE 1, 2 body.

    Honey Delf TYPE 1, 2 body parts
    Honey Delf TYPE 1, 2 body option from all Honey Delf dolls

    * DATE
    21st Dec 2018 12:00 (Fri, KST)

  • Company ordering dates!!

    Ordering dates

    The upcoming dates for each companies monthly orders are published on that specific companies section, so on the homepage you would click on the logo for the one you are looking for, eg. Doll Chateau you would click on the Doll Chateau picture, if you are ever unsure you can email me at
    Cheers Carol xx

  • New ordering dates for companies

    The dates which we will be ordering from our various companies gets updated each month, this is the November dates -
    Aimerai - Thursday 30th November
    Akagidoll - Thursday 30th November
    Blue Fairy - Sunday 25th November
    Doll Chateau - Sunday 25th November
    Doll Zone - Saturday 11th November
    Luts - Sunday 25th November
    Nine9 - TBC.
    Gem of doll - TBC.
    Hujoo - Friday 24th November
    Ringdoll -Thursday 30th November
    Souldoll - Thursday 30th November
    ForMyDoll - Friday 24th November
    Impldoll - Monday 27th November
    Little Monica - Friday 24th November
    Resin soul - Thursday 30th November
    Dragon Doll / Telethesia - Wednesday 29th November
    Doll Leaves - Sunday 25th November
    Island - Sunday 26th November
    Loongsoul - Friday 24th November
    Dollshe - Friday 24th November
    Myou - Tuesday 28th November


    -Announcement of Extension of 15th Anniversary Event-
    We prepared lots of events for our 15th anniversary. The event will be extended to 30th July. The sale of package will be also offered.
    Some line up dolls are discontinued on 30th July when the event is over.
    They are completely discontinued except some small amount of dolls which can be copied from a silicon mold, dolls for supporting an event and for the purchase of international dealers.
    Here is the list of discontinued dolls.
    Discontinued Classic line
    28M Classic line discontinued sale by 30th July
    26F Classic line discontinued sale by 30th July
    18M Classic Arsene discontinued sale by 30th July
    8B Classic discontinued sale by 30th July
    6G Classic discontinued sale by 30th July
    Discontinued Fashion line
    28M Fashion line discontinued sale by 30th July
    26F Fashion line discontinued sale by 30th July
    18M Fashion Arsene discontinued sale by 30th July
  • DC Trista and Xanthe human version released

    Last week Doll Chateau released 2 gorgeous time limited dolls Trista and Xanthe, today we now see the release of their NON LIMITED human version of both of them  You can order either of these human versions during June to qualify for a nude Limited event Nehemie or Bedrice as well :) xx
    They are located in the 'kid doll' section of the DC listings on the website x

    There is a new body also released with these girls, K-body 18, it is also available to purchase in the 'kid body' section on the DC section.

    Thanks for looking x


  • Quick availability items

    We are constantly in talks with the companies we work with to try to bring you great offers and deals, and are quite impressed with the latest one we have managed to arrange!

    Doll Zone and Doll Chateau work closely together as companies and they sometimes over produce slightly when they offer event dolls or maybe someones order has been cancelled and they have an extra items that are for sale.

    We have now got a new category on the top line of the website that is offering these event dolls and items and if purchased the wait is a lot less than normal, they will ship within 4 weeks, so you will have your items very quickly indeed!

    Check out the new category for yourself ......

  • Lots of company events running June 2017

    Hi all,

    At the moment there is a lot of different companies that we have with events running, i will list them below, but i have also tried to highlight this on each company name by putting the - Event running - title!

    Doll Zone - have an event at the moment,

    Yo Carter is part of this years Spring Event from Doll Zone
    If your order value achieves $199, you can get one free blank Yo Carter head.
    If your order value achieves $599, you can get one free blank Yo Carter nude doll.
    If your order value achieves $899, you can get one free full set Yo Carter doll.
    Also they are stopping the production of their mermaid dolls Sawarieda and Trieda and Freida
    The Carter event will stop at the end of June, the Mermaid one at the end of July

    Doll Chateau have an event -

    -Pre-Order $550 or £425 worth of DC products: Get a Bedrice or Nehemie for Free! Doll will be blank & cast in White Skin.
    -Pre-Order a Blank Xanthe or Trista: Get a Bedrice or Nehemie for Free! Doll will be blank & cast in White Skin.
    Pre-Order a Xanthe or Trista FullSet: Get a Bedrice or Nehemie FullSet for Free! Doll will be White Skin and will include face-up + body make-up. The wig & wings pictured are not included
    This event will stop at the end of June

    Impldoll have an event where minimum spend will get you free items, including a resin crocodile!
    - Order over $150 and receive a free random wig
    - Order over $200 and receive a free wig or a free face up
    - Order over $250 for a free head
    - Order over $350 receive a free crocodile baby
    This event ends at the end of June

    Luts have an event on, limited centaur gorgeous MSD girls and boys, both as full sets or as nude dolls -
    Details of their items available are in their 'limited items' section on their listings on the site. The event finishes at the end of June.

    Souldoll have a great number of limited heads available at the moment, their event also finishes at the end of June, details are in the 'limited items' in the Souldoll section on the website, just click on their box on the homepage :)

    Happy shopping!!!!

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